Highlights of 2014

Zhou Zibo (周自波), Li Wei (李巍), Li Ning (李宁) and Ren Junyan (任俊彦)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 125008 

 Structural and morphological characterizations of ZnO nanopowder synthesized by hydrothermal route using inorganic reactants

D. Djouadi, M. Meddouri, A. Chelouche, L. Hammiche and A. Aksas

2014 J. Semicond. 35 123001 

 A high power active circulator using GaN MMIC power amplifiers

Gu Liming (顾黎明), Che Wenquan (车文荃), Fan-Hsiu Huang and Hsien-Chin Chiu

2014 J. Semicond. 35 115003 

 A photoluminescence study of plasma reactive ion etching-induced damage in GaN

Z. Mouffak, A. Bensaoula and L. Trombetta

2014 J. Semicond. 35 113003 

 A reconfigurable 256 × 256 image sensor controller that is compatible for depth measurement

Chen Zhe (陈哲), Di Shan (底杉), Shi Cong (石匆), Liu Liyuan (刘力源) and Wu Nanjian (吴南健)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 105007 

 Cantilever with immobilized antibody for liver cancer biomarker detection

Wang Shuaipeng (王帅鹏), Wang Jingjing (王晶晶), Zhu Yinfang (朱银芳), Yang Jinling (杨晋玲) and Yang Fuhua (杨富华)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 104008 

 A CMOS fifth-derivative Gaussian pulse generator for UWB applications

He Jin (何进), Luo Jiang (罗将), Wang Hao (王豪), Chang Sheng (常胜), Huang Qijun (黄启俊) and Zhang Yueping (张跃平)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 095005 

 Resistive humidity sensor based on vanadium complex films

Kh. S. Karimov, M. Saleem, M. Mahroof-Tahir, R. Akram, M. T. Saeed Chanee and A. K. Niaz

2014 J. Semicond. 35 094001 

 Anomalous temperature-dependent photoluminescence peak energy in InAlN alloys

Li Wei (李维), Jin Peng (金鹏), Wang Weiying (王维颖), Mao Defeng (毛德丰), Liu Guipeng (刘贵鹏), Wang Zhanguo (王占国), Wang Jiaming (王嘉铭), Xu Fujun (许福军) and Shen Bo (沈波)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 093001 

 Epitaxy of GaAs thin film with low defect density and smooth surface on Si substrate

Zhou Xuliang (周旭亮), Pan Jiaoqing (潘教青), Liang Renrong (梁仁荣), Wang Jing (王敬) and Wang Wei (王圩)

2014 J. Semicond35 073002 

 Optical transmission in thin films of vanadium compounds

Kh. S. Karimov, M. Mahroof-Tahir, M. Saleem, N. Ahmad and A. Rashid

2014 J. Semicond. 35 072002 

 Hetero-gate-dielectric double gate junctionless transistor (HGJLT) with reduced band-to-band tunnelling effects in subthreshold regime

Bahniman Ghosh, Partha Mondal, M. W. Akram, Punyasloka Bal and Akshay Kumar Salimath

2014 J. Semicond. 35 064001 

 Synthesis of In2S3 thin films by spray pyrolysis from precursors with different [S]/[In] ratios

Thierno Sall, A. Nafidi, Bernabé Marí Soucase, Miguel Mollar, Bouchaib Hartitti and Mounir Fahoume

2014 J. Semicond. 35 063002 

 Temperature dependence of InAs/GaAs quantum dots solar photovoltaic devices

E. Garduno-Nolasco, M. Missous, D. Donoval, J. Kovac and M. Mikolasek

2014 J. Semicond. 35 054001 

 Optical and electrical properties and phonon drag effect in low temperature TEP measurements of AgSbSe2 thin films

T Namitha Asokan, K S Urmila, Rajani Jacob, Rachel Reena Philip, G S Okram, V Ganesan and B Pradeep

2014 J. Semicond. 35 052001 

 Breakdown voltage enhancement of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors by polyimide/chromium composite thin film passivation

Chu Futong (褚夫同), Chen Chao (陈超) and Liu Xingzhao (刘兴钊)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 034007 

 A laterally graded junctionless transistor

Punyasloka Bal, Bahniman Ghosh, Partha Mondal and M. W. Akram

2014 J. Semicond. 35 034003 

 1.3-μm 1 × 4 MMI coupler based on shallow-etched InP ridge waveguides

Guo Fei (郭菲), Lu Dan (陆丹), Zhang Ruikang (张瑞康), Wang Baojun (王宝军), Zhang Xilin (张希林) and Ji Chen (吉晨)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 024012 

 Breakdown voltage and current collapse of F-plasma treated AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

Wang Chong (王冲), Chen Chong (陈冲), He Yunlong (何云龙), Zheng Xuefeng (郑雪峰), Ma Xiaohua (马晓华), Zhang Jincheng (张进成), Mao Wei (毛维) and Hao Yue (郝跃)

2014 J. Semicond. 35 014008 

 P-type double gate junctionless tunnel field effect transistor

M. W. Akram, Bahniman Ghosh, Punyasloka Bal and Partha Mondal

2014 J. Semicond. 35 014002