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2017, Vol. 38, Issue 10

Special Topic on Devices and Circuits for Wearable and IoT Systems

Preface to the Special Topic on Devices and Circuits for Wearable and IoT Systems
Zhihua Wang, Yong Hei and Zhangming Zhu[148]

High power-efficient asynchronous SAR ADC for IoT devices
Beichen Zhang, Bingbing Yao, Liyuan Liu, Jian Liu and Nanjian Wu[115]

A high-efficiency low-voltage class-E PA for IoT applications in sub-1 GHz frequency range
Chenyi Zhou, Zhenghao Lu, Jiangmin Gu and Xiaopeng Yu[105]

The energy-efficient implementation of an adaptive-filtering-based QRS complex detection method for wearable devices
Shudong Tian, Jun Han, Jianwei Yang and Xiaoyang Zeng[94]

An error-based micro-sensor capture system for real-time motion estimation
Lin Yang, Shiwei Ye, Zhibo Wang, Zhipei Huang, Jiankang Wu, Yongmei Kong and Li Zhang[96]

Energy-efficient digital and wireless IC design for wireless smart sensing
Jun Zhou, Xiongchuan Huang, Chao Wang, Tony Tae-Hyoung Kim and Yong Lian[108]

Semiconductor Materials

Manipulation of morphology and structure of the top of GaAs nanowires grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Lixia Li, Dong Pan, Xuezhe Yu, Hyok So and Jianhua Zhao[101]

Structural characterization of SiC nanoparticles
Baoxing Sun, Ruobing Xie, Cun Yu, Cheng Li and Hongjie Xu[103]

Semiconductor Devices

Mechanism of oxide thickness and temperature dependent current conduction in n+-polySi/SiO2/p-Si structures — a new analysis
Piyas Samanta[117]

Analysis of structural, optical and electrical properties of metal/p-ZnO-based Schottky diode
Lucky Agarwal, Shweta Tripathi and P. Chakrabarti[104]

Analysis and impact of process variability on performance of junctionless double gate VeSFET
T. Chaudhary and G. Khanna[93]

Thermal effect analysis of silicon microring optical switch for on-chip interconnect
Xiongfeng Fang and Lin Yang[104]

Memristor interpretations based on constitutive relations
Wei Wu and Ning Deng[110]

Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

High-speed and low-power repeater for VLSI interconnects
A. Karthikeyan and P. S. Mallick[106]

An 11-bit 200 MS/s subrange SAR ADC with low-cost integrated reference buffer
Xiuju He, Xian Gu, Weitao Li, Hanjun Jiang, Fule Li and Zhihua Wang[97]

High-resolution 1 MS/s sub-2 radix split-capacitor SAR ADC
Chao Cao and Zhangming Zhu[107]

A novel interface circuit for triboelectric nanogenerator
Wuqi Yu, Jiahao Ma, Zhaohua Zhang and Tianling Ren[90]

Equivalent radiation source of 3D package for electromagnetic characteristics analysis
Jun Li, Xingchang Wei and Yufei Shu[108]

Semiconductor Technology

An effective approach to improve split-gate flash product data retention
Dailong Wei, Zigui Cao and Zhilin Tang[106]