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2017, Vol. 38, Issue 12

Invited Review Papers

High-speed photodetectors in optical communication system
Zeping Zhao, Jianguo Liu, Yu Liu and Ninghua Zhu[135]

Semiconductor Physics

Direct evidence of traps controlling the carriers transport in SnO2 nanobelts
Olivia M. Berengue and Adenilson J. Chiquito[78]

Impact of underlap spacer region variation on electrostatic and analog performance of symmetrical high-k SOI FinFET at 20 nm channel length
Neeraj Jain and Balwinder Raj[66]

Influence of oxygen doping on resistive-switching characteristic of a-Si/c-Si device
Jiahua Zhang, Da Chen and Shihua Huang[65]

Semiconductor Materials

Investigation of post-thermal annealing on material properties of Cu-In-Zn-Se thin films
H. H. Güllü and M. Parlak[78]

Fabrication and modeling of multi-layer metal-insulator-metal capacitors
R Karthik and A Akshaykranth[90]

Semiconductor Devices

Device and circuit analysis of a sub 20 nm double gate MOSFET with gate stack using a look-up-table-based approach
S Chakraborty, A Dasgupta, R Das, M Kar, A Kundu and C K Sarkar[86]

Cylindrical gate all around Schottky barrier MOSFET with insulated shallow extensions at source/drain for removal of ambipolarity: a novel approach
Manoj Kumar, Yogesh Pratap, Subhasis Haldar, Mridula Gupta and R. S. Gupta[62]

Design and optimization analysis of dual material gate on DG-IMOS
Sarabdeep Singh, Ashish Raman and Naveen Kumar[68]

Optical properties of Zn-diffused InP layers for the planar-type InGaAs/InP photodetectors
Guifeng Chen, Mengxue Wang, Wenxian Yang, Ming Tan, Yuanyuan Wu, Pan Dai, Yuyang Huang and Shulong Lu[63]

Design of a cylindrical LED substrate without radiator
Fan Tang and Zhenning Guo[49]

SEGR- and SEB-hardened structure with DSPSOI in power MOSFETs
Zhaohuan Tang, Xinghua Fu, Fashun Yang, Kaizhou Tan, Kui Ma, Xue Wu and Jiexing Lin[59]

Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

A fractional-N frequency divider for multi-standard wireless transceiver fabricated in 0.18 μm CMOS process
Jiafeng Wang, Xiangning Fan, Xiaoyang Shi and Zhigong Wang[93]

Semiconductor Technology

All-optical temporal fractional order differentiator using an in-fiber ellipsoidal air-microcavity
Lihong Zhang, Shuqian Sun, Ming Li and Ninghua Zhu[80]