Volume 38,Issue 10,2017 Table of Contents

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Preface to the Special Topic on Devices and Circuits for Wearable and IoT Systems[Abstract][PDF]

High power-efficient asynchronous SAR ADC for IoT devices[Abstract][PDF]

A high-efficiency low-voltage class-E PA for IoT applications in sub-1 GHz frequency range[Abstract][PDF]

The energy-efficient implementation of an adaptive-filtering-based QRS complex detection method for wearable devices[Abstract][PDF]

An error-based micro-sensor capture system for real-time motion estimation[Abstract][PDF]

Energy-efficient digital and wireless IC design for wireless smart sensing[Abstract][PDF]


Manipulation of morphology and structure of the top of GaAs nanowires grown by molecular-beam epitaxy[Abstract][PDF]

Structural characterization of SiC nanoparticles[Abstract][PDF]


Mechanism of oxide thickness and temperature dependent current conduction in n+-polySi/SiO2/p-Si structures — a new analysis[Abstract][PDF]

Analysis of structural, optical and electrical properties of metal/p-ZnO-based Schottky diode[Abstract][PDF]

Analysis and impact of process variability on performance of junctionless double gate VeSFET[Abstract][PDF]

Thermal effect analysis of silicon microring optical switch for on-chip interconnect[Abstract][PDF]

Memristor interpretations based on constitutive relations[Abstract][PDF]


High-speed and low-power repeater for VLSI interconnects[Abstract][PDF]

An 11-bit 200 MS/s subrange SAR ADC with low-cost integrated reference buffer[Abstract][PDF]

High-resolution 1 MS/s sub-2 radix split-capacitor SAR ADC[Abstract][PDF]

A novel interface circuit for triboelectric nanogenerator[Abstract][PDF]

Equivalent radiation source of 3D package for electromagnetic characteristics analysis[Abstract][PDF]


An effective approach to improve split-gate flash product data retention[Abstract][PDF]