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R Karthik and A Akshaykranth.Fabrication and modeling of multi-layer metal-insulator-metal capacitors[J].Journal of Semiconductors,2017,38(12):123002-5
Fabrication and modeling of multi-layer metal-insulator-metal capacitors
Abstract: This paper presents the fabrication and modeling for capacitance-voltage characteristics of multi-layer metal-insulator-metal capacitors. It is observed that, due the applied electric field, the effective dielectric constant of the stack was increased due to the accumulation of charges at the interface of high-to-low conductance materials. It is observed that the Maxwell-Wagner polarization is dominant at low frequencies (<10 kHz). By introducing carrier tunneling probability of the dielectric stack, the model presented in this paper shows a good agreement with experimental results. The presented model indicates that the nonlinearity can be suppressed by choosing the similar permittivity dielectric materials for fabrication of multilayer metal insulator metal capacitors.
Keywords: anodic oxidation  dielectric  high-k  multi-layer  capacitance-voltage  Maxwell-Wagner  capacitor
Author NameAffiliation
R Karthik MLR Institute of Technology, Dundigal, Hyderabad 500043, India 
A Akshaykranth MLR Institute of Technology, Dundigal, Hyderabad 500043, India 
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