• Call for Papers (Special Issue on Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Gallium Oxide: from Materials to Devices)


    Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3) is a promising ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor with a bandgap of about 4.8 eV, andit has attracted lots of attention in recent years due to the huge achievements in bulk crystal growth by edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG), Czochralski, and Bridgman techniques, and its outstanding properties and great potential values in the fields of high voltage power devices, deep ultraviolet optoelectronic devices, high temperature gas sensors, ultraviolet transparent electrode, transparent conductive substrate for vertical high-light LEDs, and high temperature or radiation tolerant electronic devices.

    This special issue is focused entirely on recent progress in all topics related to Ga2Omaterials and devices. We will accept both experimental and theoretical works. We invite submission of original research articles/communications and comprehensive review papers to this special issue. The topics to be covered in this special issue include, but are not limited to:

          Bulk crystal growth of Ga2O3 single crystal;

          High quality epitaxial growth of Ga2Ofilms;

          Defects identification and tailoring;

          Processing of Ga2O3 crystal;

          Devices for opto-electronic, power electronic, LED, and sensors applications;

          Theoretical modelling and simulation of crystal/film growth, physical properties, and device design.


    Prof. Xutang Tao, State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Ji’nan, Shandong 250100, China.

    E-mail:  Group website:

    Prof. Jiandong Ye, Nanjing University, China.


    Prof. Shibing Long, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China.


    Prof. Zhitai Jia, Shandong University, China.


    Manuscript Submission:

    Manuscripts must be prepared according to Journal’s guidelines, available at

    Submit your manuscripts directly to the listing guest editors via the e-mail addresses above. Or directly submit via the online submission address at

    Pleasenotify well in advance for your intension to submit a research paper.

    Key timetable dates:

    Manuscript due: July 31, 2018

    Authors’ notification: August 31, 2018

    Publication date: October 31, 2018  



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