Associate Editors
  • Haigang Yang

    Title: Professor

    Affiliation: Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electronics



    Haigang Yang received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Physics and Electronics Engineering respectively from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, in 1983 and 1986, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in microelectronics from the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, in 1991. 

    He held several senior technical positions with Wolfson Microelectronics, Edinburgh, UK, LSI Logic Europe, Bracknell, UK, Hitachi Microsystems Europe, Berkshire, UK and Altera European Technology Centre, High Wycombe, UK. 

    He is currently a Professor and the Director of the System on Programmable Chip Research Department with the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. 

    Prof Yang also serves as a Secretary-General with Chinese Institute of Electronics Circuits and System Society.

    Research Interests

    analog and mixed signal integrated circuit design, very large scale integrated circuit design, programmable logic microchip technology, and high reliability FPGA device engineering.

    Current Research Projects

    Large scale radiation harden FPGA design; Next generation AI computing FPGA design

    Selected Publications

    • Xin Wei, Zhujia Chen, Wei Li, Haigang Yang, “Harmonic-free and low cost delay-locked loop with a 20%~80% input delay cycle”, Electronics Letters, Vol.53 Issue 2, 23 Jan 2017, pp.70-71
    • Tianyi Li, Xiaodong Xu, Tao Yin, Wei Li, Haigang Yang, “A convenient method of digital PI-CDR lock-detection for phase noise elimination and enhanced jitter tolerance”, Electronics Letters, Vol.53 Issue 2, 23 Jan 2017, pp.64-66
    • Huanming Wu, Tao Yin, and Jiwei Jiao, Haigang Yang, “Analysis of parasitic feed‑through capacitance effect in closed loop drive circuit design for capacitive micro‑gyroscope”, Microsystems Technologies, Vol.22 No.9, Sept 2016, pp.2201-2207
    • Rui Jia, Haigang Yang, Yu Lin, Rui Chen, Xinggang Wang, Zhenghong Guo, “A Computationally Efficient Reconfigurable FIR Filter Architecture Based on Coefficient Occurrence Probability”, IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems”, Vol.35 No.8, Aug 2016, pp.1297-1308
    • Liqun Yang, Haigang Yang, Wei Li, Grace Zgheib, Zhihua Li, “Efficiently exploring FPGA design space based on semi-supervised learning”, Chinese Journal of Electroics, Vol.25 No.1, 2016
    • Dandan Zhang, Haigang Yang, Wenrui Zhu, Wei Li, Zhihong, Huang, Lin Li, Tianyi Li, “A Multiphase DLL With a Novel Fast-Locking Fine-Code Time-to-Digital Converter”, IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, Vol.23 No.11, Nov 2015, pp.2680-2684
    • Wenrui Zhu, Haigang Yang, Tongqiang Gao, Fei Liu, Tao Yin, Dandan Zhang, and Hongfeng Zhang, “A 5.8-GHz Wideband TSPC Divide-by-16/17 Dual Modulus Prescaler”, IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, Vol.23 No.1, Jan 2015, pp.194-197
    • Tianwen Li, Haigang Yang, Gang Cai, Tian Zhi, Yue Li, “A CMOS Triple Inter-Locked Latch for SEU Insensitivity Design”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol.61 No. 6, Dec 2014, pp.3265-3273
    • Xiaoyu Wang, Haigang Yang, Fangyang Li, Tao Yin, Guocheng Huang, Fei Liu, “A programmable analog hearing aid system on chip with frequency compensation”, Analog Integr. Cir. Sig. Process., Vol.79 No.2, May 2014, pp.227-236
    • Xinggang Wang, Haigang Yang, Fei Wang, Hui He, “A Successive Approximation Time-to-Digital Converter Based on Vernier Charging Method”, IEICE Electronics Express, Vol.11 No.1, Jan 2014, pp.1-6
    • Xingang Wang, Fei Wang, Haigang Yang, “A Range-Extended and Area-Efficient Time-to-Digital Converter Utilizing Ring-Tapped Delay Line”, IEICE Trans. Electron., Vol.E96-C No.9, 2013, pp.1184-1194
    • Huanming Wu, Haigang Yang, Tao Yin, and Jiwei Jiao, “Analysis and Design of a 3rd Order Velocity-Controlled Closed-Loop for MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope”, Sensors, 2013, 13, pp.12564-12580
    • Xin Cheng, Haigang Yang, Tongqiang Gao, Tao Yin, Wei Mu & Hongfeng Zhang, “A feed-forward AGC circuit with 48 dB-gain range, 1.2ms minimum settling time for WiMAX receiver”, Analog Integr. Cir. Sig. Process., Vol.76 No.7, July 2013, pp.61-71
    • Zhenghua Ye, Haigang Yang, Tao Yin, Guocheng Huang, Fei Liu, “High-Performance Closed-Loop Interface Circuit for High-Q Capacitive Microaccelerometers”, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol.13 No.5, May 2013, pp.1425-1433
    • Fanyang Li, Haigang Yang, Fei Liu, Tao Yin, Xiaoyu Wang, “Dual-Mode Gain Control for a 1V CMOS Hearing Aid Device with Enhanced Accuracy and Energy-Efficiency”, Analog Integr. Cir. Sig. Process., Vol.72 Issue 2, July 2012, pp.495-504
    • Tongqiang Gao, Haigang Yang, Zhihua Wang, “A multimode, power-adjustable transmitter for UHF mobile RFID reader”, Analog Integr. Cir. Sig. Process., Vol.66 No 3, Mar 2011, pp.323-329
    • Jie Pan, Haigang Yang, “Direct Model Extraction of RFCMOS Spiral Transformers”, International Journal of Electronics, Vol.97 Issue 11, Nov 2010, pp.1339-1350
    • Haigang Yang, S. Fluxman, C. Reita, P. Migliorato, “Design, measurement and analysis of CMOS polysilicon TFT operational amplifiers”, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol.29 No.6, Jun 1994, pp.727-732
    • Hai-Gang Yang, David Holburn, “Switch-level timing verification for CMOS circuits: a semianalytic approach”, IEE Proceedings G - Circuits, Devices and Systems, Vol.137 Issue 6, Dec 1990, pp.405-412


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