J. Semicond. > 2010, Volume 31 > Issue 2 > Article Number: 025005

A high-performance low-power CMOS AGC for GPS application

Lei Qianqian , Xu Qiming , Chen Zhiming , Shi Yin , Lin Min and Jia Hailong

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Abstract: A wide tuning range, low power CMOS automatic gain control (AGC) with a simple architecture is proposed. The proposed AGC is composed of a variable gain amplifier (VGA), a comparator and a charge pump, and the dB-linear gain is controlled by the charge pump. The AGC was implemented in a 0.18 μm CMOS technology. The dynamic range of the VGA is more than 55 dB, the bandwidth is 30 MHz, and the gain error is lower than 1.5 dB over the full temperature and gain ranges. It is designed for GPS application and is fed from a single 1.8 V power supply. The AGC power consumption is less than 5 mW, and the area of the AGC is 700×450 m2.

Key words: linear-in-dB comparator variable gain amplifier automatic gain control


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Lei Q Q, Xu Q M, Chen Z M, Shi Y, Lin M, Jia H L. A high-performance low-power CMOS AGC for GPS application[J]. J. Semicond., 2010, 31(2): 025005. doi: 10.1088/1674-4926/31/2/025005.

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Manuscript received: 18 August 2015 Manuscript revised: 30 October 2009 Online: Published: 01 February 2010

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