Structural Characteristic of CdS Thin films and Their Influence on Cu(in,Ga)Se2(CIGS) Thin Film Solar Cell

Abstract: Deposition and structural characteristics of cadmium sulfide (CdS) thin films by chemical bath deposition (CBD) technique from a bath containing thiourea,cadmium acetate,ammonium acetate and ammonia in an aqueous solution are reported.Researches are made on the influence of the fundamental parameters including pH,temperature,and concentrations of the solution involved in the chemical bath deposition of CdS and titration or dumping of the thiourea solution on the structure characteristic of CdS thin films.The pH of the solution plays a vital role on the characteristic of the CdS thin films.The XRD patterns show that the change in the pH of the solution results in the change in crystal phase from predominant hexagonal phase to predominant cubic phase.The CdS thin films with the two different crystal phases have different influences on CIGS thin film solar cells.The crystal mismatch and the interface state density of the cCdS(cubic phase CdS) and CIGS are about 1.419% and 8.507×1e12cm-2 respectively,and those of the h-CdS(hexagonal phase CdS) and CIGS are about 32.297% and 2.792×1e12cm-2 respectively.It is necessary for high efficiency CIGS thin film solar cells to deposit the cubic phase CdS thin films.


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