Material Growth and Device Fabrication of GaN-Based Blue-Violet Laser Diodes

Abstract: Studies on first GaN-based blue-violet laser diodes(LDs) in China mainland are reported.High quality GaN materials as well as GaN-based quantum wells laser structures are grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition method.The X-ray double-crystal diffraction rocking curve measurements show the fullwidth half maximum of 180″ and 185″ for (0002) symmetric reflection and (10-12) skew reflection,respectively.A room temperature mobility of 850cm2/(V·s) is obtained for a 3μm thick GaN film.Gain guided and ridge geometry waveguide laser diodes are fabricated with cleaved facet mirrors at room temperature under pulse current injection.The lasing wavelength is 405.9nm.A threshold current density of 5kA/cm2 and an output light power over 100mW are obtained for ridge geometry waveguide laser diodes.


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