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Volume 26, Issue 5, May 2005


  • Widely Tunable Sampled-Grating DBR Laser

    Kan Qiang, Zhao Lingjuan, Zhang Jing, Zhou Fan, Wang Baojun, Wang Lufeng,and Wang Wei

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 853

    Abstract PDF

    The 3-section SG-DBR tunable laser is fabricated using an ion implantation quantum-well intermixing process.The over 30nm discontinuous tuning range is achieved with the SMRS greater than 30dB.

  • A Novel Local-Dielectric-Thickening Technique for Performance Improvements of Spiral Inductors on Si Substrates

    Yang, Rong,Li, Junfeng,Zhao, Yuyin,Chai, Shumin,Han, Zhengsheng,and, Qian, He

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 857

    Abstract PDF

    A novel local-dielectric-thickening technique is presented for performance improvements of Si-based spiral inductors.This technique employs the processes of deposition,photolithography,and wet-etching,to locally thicken the oxide layer under the inductor,which can decrease the substrate loss and improve the inductor performance.Both the structures and processes are compact,economical,and compatible with CMOS processing.Several square spiral inductors with different inductances are fabricated,and the quality factors and the self-resonant frequencies both increase clearly with this proposed technique:for the 10,5,and 2nH inductors,the peak quality factors are effectively improved by 46.7%,49.7%,and 686%,respectively;however,the improvement percents of the selfresonant frequencies are more significant,which are 92.1%,91.0%,and no less than 68.1%,respectively.

  • Sensitivity of Total-Dose Radiation Hardness of SIMOX Buried Oxides to Doses of Nitrogen Implantation into Buried Oxides

    Zheng Zhongshan, Liu Zhongli, Zhang Guoqiang, Li Ning, Li Guohua, Ma Hongzhi, Zhang Enxia, Zhang Zhengxuan, Wang Xi

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 862

    Abstract PDF

    In order to improve the total-dose radiation hardness of the buried oxides(BOX) in the structure of separation by implanted oxygen(SIMOX) silicon-on-insulator(SOI),nitrogen ions are implanted into the buried oxides with two different doses,2e15 and 3e15cm-2,respectively.The experimental results show that the radiation hardness of the buried oxides is very sensitive to the doses of nitrogen implantation for a lower dose of irradiation with a Co60 source.Despite the small difference between the doses of nitrogen implantation,the nitrogen-implanted 2e15cm-2 BOX has a much higher hardness than the control sample (i.e.the buried oxide without receiving nitrogen implantation) for a totaldose irradiation of 5e4rad(Si),whereas the nitrogen-implanted 3e15cm-2 BOX has a lower hardness than the control sample.However,this sensitivity of radiation hardness to the doses of nitrogen implantation reduces with the increasing totaldose of irradiation (from 5e4 to 5e5rad (Si)).The radiation hardness of BOX is characterized by MOS high-frequency (HF) capacitance-voltage (C-V) technique after the top silicon layers are removed.In addition,the abnormal HF C-V curve of the metalsiliconBOXsilicon(MSOS) structure is observed and explained.

  • An Accurate 1.08GHz CMOS LC Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

    Tang Zhangwen, He Jie, Jian Hongyan, and Min Hao

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 867

    Abstract PDF

    An accurate 1.08GHz CMOS LC voltage-controlled oscillator is implemented in a 0.35μm standard 2P4M CMOS process.A new convenient method of calculating oscillator period is presented.With this period calculation technique,the frequency tuning curves agree well with the experiment.At a 3.3V supply,the LC.VCO measures a phase noise of -82.2dBc/Hz at a 10kHz frequency offset while dissipating 3.1mA current.The chip size is 0.86mm×0.82mm.

  • Design and Realization of a Monolithic GaAs 3Bit Phase Digitizing DAC

    Zhang, Youtao,Xia, Guanqun,Li, Fuxiao,Gao, Jianfeng,and, Yang, Naibin

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 873

    Abstract PDF

    Design,realization,and test of a monolithic GaAs 3bit phase digitizing DAC for 3bit digital radio-frequency memory are detailedly described.The 0.5μm fully ion-implanted GaAs MESFET is used to fabricate the circuit in Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute’s (NEDI’s) 75mm standard process line.The high-speed DAC is designed with on-wafer 50Ω I/O impedance matching.Test results show that its work bandwidth is more than 1.5GHz,and phase accuracy is better than 4%.Its code conversion rate can be higher than 12Gbps.

  • A New Low Voltage RF CMOS Mixer Design

    Liu, Lu, and, Wang, Zhihua

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 877

    Abstract PDF

    A new architecture of CMOS low voltage downconversion mixer is presented.With 1.452GHz LO input and 1.45GHz RF input,simulation results show that the conversion gain is 15dB,IIP3 is -4.5dBm,NF is 17dB,the maximum transient power dissipation is 9.3mW,and DC power dissipation is 9.2mW.The mixer’s noise and linearity analyses are also presented.

  • Strained-Si pMOSFETs on Very Thin Virtual SiGe Substrates

    Li Jingchun, Tan Jing, Yang Mohua, Zhang Jing,and Xu Wanjing

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 881

    Abstract PDF

    Strained-Si pMOSFETs on very thin relaxed virtual SiGe substrates are presented.The 240nm relaxed virtual Si0.8Ge0.2 layer on 100nm low-temperature Si(LT-Si) is grown on Si(100) substrates by molecular beam epitaxy.LT-Si buffer layer is used to release stress of the SiGe layer so as to make it relaxed.DCXRD,AFM,and TEM measurements indicate that the strain relaxed degree of SiGe layer is 85%,RMS roughness is 1.02nm,and threading dislocation density is at most 1e7cm-2.At room temperature,a maximum hole mobility of strained-Si pMOSFET is 140cm2/(V·s).Device performance is comparable to that of devices achieved on several microns thick relaxed virtual SiGe substrates.

  • An Asynchronous Implementation of Add-Compare-Select Processor for Communication Systems

    Zhao Bing, Qiu Yulin, Lü Tieliang, and Hei Yong

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 886

    Abstract PDF

    A novel asynchronous ACS(add-compare-select) processor for Viterbi decoder is described.It is controlled by local handshake signals instead of the globe clock.The circuits of asynchronous adder unit,asynchronous comparator unit,and asynchronous selector unit are proposed.A full-custom design of asynchronous 4bit ACS processor is fabricated in CSMC-HJ 0.6μm CMOS 2P2M mixed-mode process.At a supply voltage of 5V,when it operates at 20MHz,the power consumption is 75.5mW.The processor has no dynamic power consumption when it awaits an opportunity in sleep mode.The results of performance test of asynchronous 4bit ACS processor show that the average case response time 19.18ns is only 82% of the worstcase response time 23.37ns.Compared with the synchronous 4bit ACS processor in power consumption and performance by simulation,it reveals that the asynchronous ACS processor has some advantages than the synchronous one.

  • Theoretical Analysis of Effect of LUT Size on Area and Delay of FPGA

    Gao, Haixia,Yang, Yintang,and, Dong, Gang

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 893

    Abstract PDF

    Based on architecture analysis of island style FPGA,area and delay models of LUT FPGA are proposed.The models are used to analyze the effect of LUT size on FPGA area and performance.Results show optimal LUT size obtained by computation models is the same as that from experiments:a LUT size of 4 produces the best area results,and a LUT size of 5 provides the better performance.

  • An Alternative Method for SU-8 Removal Using PDMS Technique

    Li Jianhua, Chen Di, Zhang Jinya, Liu Jingquan, and Zhu Jun

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 899

    Abstract PDF

    An alternative method for SU-8 removal is proposed.Instead of directly using SU-8 microstructure as the electroplating mold,a polydimethysiloxane (PDMS) replica is employed.The metallic micromold insert obtained through this method can be easily peeled off from the PDMS replica,meanwhile with high resolution and smooth surfaces.

  • 液相外延HgCdTe薄膜组分均匀性对红外透射光谱的影响

    王庆学, 魏彦锋, 杨建荣, 何力

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 904

    Abstract PDF


  • 高碳CZ硅中氧沉淀的两种成核长大机制

    刘培东, 姜益群, 黄笑容, 沈益军, 李立本, 阙端麟

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 910

    Abstract PDF


  • 色散对GaN和ZnO的XRD摇摆曲线的影响

    王立, 方文卿, 蒲勇, 郑畅达, 戴江南, 莫春兰, 江风益

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 917

    Abstract PDF


  • SnO2∶Sb薄膜的制备和光致发光性质

    王玉恒, 马瑾, 计峰, 余旭浒, 张锡健, 马洪磊

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 922

    Abstract PDF


  • 硅纳米晶的制备和电荷储存特性

    焦正, 李珍, 吴明红, 吕森林, 王德庆

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 927

    Abstract PDF


  • Si基氨化ZnO/Ga2O3薄膜制备GaN纳米线

    高海永, 庄惠照, 薛成山, 王书运, 何建廷, 董志华, 吴玉新, 田德恒

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 931

    Abstract PDF


  • 水平冷壁CVD生长4H-SiC同质外延膜

    高欣, 孙国胜, 李晋闽, 赵万顺, 王雷, 张永兴, 曾一平

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 936

    Abstract PDF


  • 利用p型(100)硅片制备二维光子晶体的工艺

    张晚云, 季家榕, 袁晓东, 叶卫民, 朱志宏

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 941

    Abstract PDF


  • (100)定向CVD金刚石薄膜的制备及其电学性能

    苏青峰, 夏义本, 王林军, 张明龙, 楼燕燕, 顾蓓蓓, 史伟民

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 947

    Abstract PDF

    采用HFCVD制备金刚石薄膜的方法,以乙醇为碳源,氢气为载气,在适当的衬底温度下,合成出具有(100)晶面取向均匀生长的金刚石薄膜.SEM,XRD和Raman分析表明,所合成的金刚石薄膜是高质量的多晶(100)取向膜,厚度均匀、化学性能稳定,结构和性能与天然金刚石相接近.研究了室温下(100)取向金刚石薄膜的暗电流电压特性、稳态55Fe 5.9keV X射线辐照下的响应和电容频率特性.结果表明,退火后(100)取向多晶金刚石薄膜具有较低的暗电流和较高的X射线响应;高频下,电容和介电损耗都很小且趋于稳定,不随频率的变化而变化.

  • VHF-PECVD制备微晶硅材料及电池

    张晓丹, 赵颖, 朱锋, 魏长春, 高艳涛, 孙健, 侯国付, 薛俊明, 耿新华, 熊绍珍

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 952

    Abstract PDF


  • 渐变带隙结构在Ⅲ-Ⅴ族太阳电池中的应用

    彭华, 周之斌, 崔容强, 叶庆好, 庞乾骏, 陈鸣波, 赵亮

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 958

    Abstract PDF


  • p型GaN欧姆接触的比接触电阻率测量

    薛松, 韩彦军, 吴震, 罗毅

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 965

    Abstract PDF


  • 微量铜-铁对硅片表面污染的初步分析

    郑宣, 程璇

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 970

    Abstract PDF


  • 径向三重流MOCVD反应器输运过程的数值模拟

    左然, 张红, 刘祥林

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 977

    Abstract PDF


  • 基于C-V, I-V, Q-V特性的铁电电容新模型

    陈小明, 汤庭鳌

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 983

    Abstract PDF


  • 基于FC技术的AlGaN/GaN HEMT

    陈晓娟, 刘新宇, 邵刚, 刘键, 和致经, 汪锁发, 吴德馨

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 990

    Abstract PDF

    采用FC技术将管芯倒扣至AlN基板散热的AlGaN/GaN HEMTs,并通过热阻模型分析了FC方式的散热机理.从测试结果看,器件的热阻可大幅降到14.9K·mm/W,直流特性明显增加,饱和电流提高33%.表明采用FC技术有效改善了器件散热,而且引入的寄生电感较小,可获得更大输出功率.如果进一步完善频率特性的优化,可以加快FC技术的AlGaN/GaN大功率HEMT器件的实用化进程.

  • 一种简化的VBIC模型和InGaP/GaAs HBT宽带放大器设计

    孙玲玲, 刘军

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 994

    Abstract PDF

    采用一种新的简化VBIC模型对单、多指InGaP/GaAs HBT器件进行建模.测量和模型仿真I-V特性及其在多偏置条件下多频率点S参数对比结果表明,DC~9GHz频率范围内,简化后的模型可对InGaP/GaAs HBT交流小信号特性进行较好的表征.利用建立的模型设计出DC~9GHz两级直接耦合宽带放大器,该放大器增益达到19dB,输入、输出回波损耗分别低于-10dB和-8dB.

  • 恒压应力下超薄栅nMOSFET软击穿后的衬底电流特性

    王彦刚, 许铭真, 谭长华, 段小蓉

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 999

    Abstract PDF


  • pMOS器件的热载流子注入和负偏压温度耦合效应

    刘红侠, 郝跃

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1005

    Abstract PDF

    研究了在热载流子注入HCI(hotcarrier injection)和负偏温NBT(negative bias temperature)两种偏置条件下pMOS器件的可靠性.测量了pMOS器件应力前后的电流电压特性和典型的器件参数漂移,并与单独HCI和NBT应力下的特性进行了对比.在这两种应力偏置条件下,pMOS器件退化特性的测量结果显示高温NBT应力使得热载流子退化效应增强.由于栅氧化层中的固定正电荷引起正反馈的热载流子退化增强了漏端电场,使得器件特性严重退化.给出了NBT效应不断增强的HCI耦合效应的详细解释.

  • 双极晶体管ΔVbe瞬态热阻测试法精度修正

    李霁红, 贾颖, 康锐, 高成

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1010

    Abstract PDF


  • 三沟道体电荷耦合器件在近红外光区光电特性的数值模拟

    宋敏, 张颖, 王玉新, 郑亚茹

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1015

    Abstract PDF

    对三沟道BCCD(bulk charge-coupled device)在近红外光区的光电特性进行了研究.结果表明,锗制的三沟道BCCD不能在近红外光区实现多光谱成像.通过理论分析,找到了一种能保证BCCD在近红外光区工作的衬底材料应满足的吸收曲线.数值模拟结果表明:利用这种新材料制成的三沟道BCCD,其光敏特性曲线可以分别在1.0,1.1和1.26μm处出现最大值.

  • 50/100GHz AWG型光学梳状滤波器的设计与制备

    窦金锋, 韩培德, 胡雄伟

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1020

    Abstract PDF

    以Si基SiO2平面光波导为基础,设计并制备了50/100GHz AWG型光学梳状滤波器.制备得到的AWG型光学梳状滤波器可以覆盖1520~1585nm的波长范围,共有160个信道.功率输出不均匀度<0.5dB,插入损耗<8dB,相邻通道的串扰>13dB,在距离中心频率最远的信道,输出频率偏离ITU标准15GHz.分析了影响器件串扰和信道频率偏移的原因,并提出了相应的解决办法.

  • 850nm氧化物限制型VCSEL的温度特性

    张永明, 钟景昌, 赵英杰, 郝永芹, 李林, 王玉霞, 苏伟

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1024

    Abstract PDF


  • MEMS多层膜残余应力全场光学在线测试

    聂萌, 黄庆安, 李伟华

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1028

    Abstract PDF


  • 焊料键合实现MEMS真空封装的模拟

    程迎军, 蒋玉齐, 许薇, 罗乐

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1033

    Abstract PDF


  • 一种改进的旋转式微机械结构

    刘祖韬, 黄庆安, 李伟华

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1040

    Abstract PDF


  • 一种2.4GHz 0.35μm CMOS Gilbert下变频器

    崔福良, 黄林, 马德群, 洪志良

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1045

    Abstract PDF

    利用0.35μm CMOS工艺实现了一种用于低中频接收机的Gilbert型下变频器.其中,混频器的输出级采用折叠级联输出,射频信号、本振信号和中频信号的频率分别为2.452GHz,2.45GHz和2MHz.测试表明:在3.3V电源电压条件下,整个混频器电路消耗的电流约为4mA,转换增益超过6dB,输入1dB压缩点约为-11dBm.

  • 一种2.4GHz的CMOS注入锁频倍频器

    衣晓峰, 苏彦锋, 朱臻, 洪志良

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1049

    Abstract PDF

    介绍了一种用于频率综合器的2.4GHz CMOS注入锁频倍频器的设计和实现.从理论上重点分析了模拟倍频器的锁频范围和相位噪声特性.当电源电压为3.3V,输入信号为400mV时,电路输出幅度为1.04V,功耗为4.95mW,未经电容阵列补偿时倍频器的锁频范围达到113.7MHz.电路应用在单片集成的蓝牙发接器中,通过频率测试验证了电路功能的正确性.

  • 考虑缺陷形状分布的IC成品率模型

    王俊平, 郝跃

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1054

    Abstract PDF


  • 应用于MEMS的单晶硅上无电镀铜、镀镍工艺

    韩翔, 李轶, 吴文刚, 闫桂珍, 郝一龙

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1059

    Abstract PDF


  • 厚层抗蚀剂曝光模型及其参数测量

    刘世杰, 杜惊雷, 段茜, 罗铂靓, 唐雄贵, 郭永康, 杜春雷

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(5): 1065

    Abstract PDF



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