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Volume 26, Issue 6, Jun 2005


  • Two Steps B Ion-Implantation of Diamond Film Grown on an n-Type Si Substrate and Its p-n Junction Effects

    Sun Xiuping,Feng Kecheng,Li Chao, Zhang Hongxia,and Fei Yunjie

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1073

    Abstract PDF

    Polycrystalline diamond thin films are deposited on an n-type Si substrates by hot filament chemical vapor deposition,and then are implanted with boron ions in a 200keV ion implanter.In order to achieve a better distribution of the implanted element,boron ions are implanted by two steps:implanting boron ions with the energy of 70keV first,and then with the energy of 100keV.The homogeneous distribution of the B ion is gained.The current-voltage characteristics of the samples are studied.It is found that the p-n heterojunction effect is achieved in these samples.

  • Analysis and Optimum Design of Differential Inductors Using Distributed Capacitance Model

    Jian Hongyan, Tang Zhangwen, He Jie, and Min Hao

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1077

    Abstract PDF

    A distributed capacitance model for monolithic inductors is developed to predict the equivalently parasitical capacitances of the inductor.The ratio of the self-resonant frequency (fSR) of the differential-driven symmetric inductor to the fSR of the single-ended driven inductor is firstly predicted and explained.Compared with a single-ended configuration,experimental data demonstrate that the differential inductor offers a 127% greater maximum quality factor and a broader range of operating frequencies.Two differential inductors with low parasitical capacitance are developed and validated.

  • A Solenoid-Type Inductor Fabricated by MEMS Technique

    Gao Xiaoyu, Zhou Yong, Wang Xining, Lei Chong, Chen Ji’an,and Zhao Xiaolin

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1083

    Abstract PDF

    A solenoid-type inductor for high frequency application is realized using a micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technique.In order to achieve a high inductance value and Q factor,UV-LIGA,dry etching technique,fine polishing and electroplating technique are adopted.The dimensions of the inductor are 1500μm×900μm×70μm,having 41 turns with a coil width of 20μm separated by 20μm spaces and a high aspect ratio of 3.5∶1.The maximum measured inductance of the inductor is 6.17nH with a Q factor of about 6.

  • A GaAs-Based MOEMS Tunable RCE Photodetector with Single Cantilever Beam

    Zhou Zhen, Han Qin, Du Yun, Yang Xiaohong, Wu Ronghan, Huang Yongqing, and Ren Xiaomin

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1087

    Abstract PDF

    A GaAs-based micro-opto-electro-mechanical-systems(MOEMS) tunable resonant cavity enhanced(RCE) photodetector with a continuous tuning range of 31nm under a 6V tuning voltage is demonstrated.The single cantilever beam structure is adopted for this MOEMS tunable RCE photodetector.The maximum and minimum peak quantum efficiency during the tuning are 36.9% and 30.8%,respectively.The maximum and minimum full-widthathalf-maximum (FWHM) are 20nm and 14nm,respectively.The dark current density is 7.46A/m2 without bias.

  • Monolithically Integrated Laser Diode and Electroabsorption Modulator with Dual- Waveguide Spot-Size Converter Output

    Hou Lianping, Wang Wei, Feng Wen,Zhu Hongliang, Zhou Fan, Wang Lufeng, and Bian Jing

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1094

    Abstract PDF

    A 1.60μm laser diode and electroabsorption modulator monolithically integrated with a novel dual-waveguide spot-size converter output for low-loss coupling to a cleaved single-mode optical fiber are demonstrated.The devices emit in a single transverse and quasi single longitudinal mode with an SMSR of 25.6dB.These devices exhibit a 3dB modulation bandwidth of 15.0GHz,and modulator DC extinction ratios of 16.2dB.The output beam divergence angles of the spot-size converter in the horizontal and vertical directions are as small as 7.3°×18.0°,respectively,resulting in a 3.0dB coupling loss with a cleaved single-mode optical fiber.

  • Butt-Joint Monolithically Integrated DFB-LD/EA-MD Light Source for 10Gbit/s Transmission

    Li Baoxia, Hu Xiaohua, Zhu Hongliang, Wang Baojun, Bian Jing, Zhao Lingjuan,and Wang Wei

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1100

    Abstract PDF

    This paper reports on the design,fabrication,and performance of an integrated electro-absorptive modulated laser based on butt-joint configuration for 10Gbit/s application.This paper mainly aims at two aspects.One is to improve the optical coupling between the laser and modulator;another is to increase the bandwidth of such devices by reducing the capacitance parameter of the modulator.The integrated devices exhibit high static and dynamic characteristics. Typical threshold current is 15mA,with some value as low as 8mA.Output power at 100mA is more than 10mW.The extinction characteristics,modulation bandwidth,and electrical return loss are measured.3dB bandwidth more than 10GHz is monitored.

  • Optimization of Plasma Etching Parameters and Mask for Silica Optical Waveguides

    Zhou Libing, Liu Wen, and Wu Guoyang

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1104

    Abstract PDF

    Optical waveguides in silica-on-silicon are one of the key elements in optical communications.The processes of deep etching silica waveguides using resist and metal masks in RIE plasma are investigated.The etching responses,including etching rate and selectivity as functions of variation of parameters,are modeled with a 3D neural network.A novel resist/metal combined mask that can overcome the single-layer masks’ limitations is developed for enhancing the waveguides deep etching and low-loss optical waveguides are fabricated at last.

  • A Compact Ka-Band PHEMT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillator

    Yu, Wen,Sun, Xiaowei,Qian, Rong,and, Zhang, Yimen

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1111

    Abstract PDF

    A compact Ka-band monolithic microwave integrated circuit(MMIC) voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with wide tuning range and high output power,which is based on GaAs PHEMT process,is presented.A method is introduced to reduce the chip size and to increase the bandwidth of operation.The procedure to design a MMIC VCO is also described here.The measured oscillating frequency of the MMIC VCO is 36±1.2GHz and the output power is 10±1dBm.The fabricated MMIC chip size is 1.3mm×1.0mm.

  • RF-MBE Grown AlGaN/GaN HEMT Structure with High Al Content

    Wang Xiaoliang, Wang Cuimei, Hu Guoxin, Wang Junxi, Liu Xinyu, Liu Jian, Ran Junxue, Qian He, Zeng Yiping, and Li Jinmin

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1116

    Abstract PDF

    A Si doped AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure with high Al content (x=43%) in the barrier layer is grown on sapphire substrate by RF-MBE.The structural and electrical properties of the heterostructure are investigated by the triple axis Xray diffraction and Van der PauwHall measurement,respectively.The observed prominent Bragg peaks of the GaN and AlGaN and the Hall results show that the structure is of high quality with smooth interface.The high 2DEG mobility in excess of 1260cm2/(V·s) is achieved with an electron density of 1.429e13cm-2 at 297K,corresponding to a sheet-densitymobility product of 1.8e16V-1·s-1.Devices based on the structure are fabricated and characterized.Better DC characteristics,maximum drain current of 1.0A/mm and extrinsic transconductance of 218mS/mm are obtained when compared with HEMTs fabricated using structures with lower Al mole fraction in the AlGaN barrier layer.The results suggest that the high Al content in the AlGaN barrier layer is promising in improving material electrical properties and device performance.

  • A VHF PECVD Micro-Crystalline Silicon Bottom Gate TFT with a Thin Incubation Layer

    Li Juan, Zhao Shuyun, Liu Jianping, Wu Chunya, Zhang Xiaodan, Meng Zhiguo, Zhao Ying,Xiong Shaozhen,Zhang Lizhu,and Jang Jin

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1121

    Abstract PDF

    The incubation layer with amorphous structure between the substrate and crystalline layer may obviously affect the performance for a microcrystalline Si thin film transistor (μc-Si TFT),especially for the bottom gate TFT(BGTFT).It is found that decreasing the ratio of SiH4/(H2+SiH4) is an effective way to decrease the incubation layer thickness of μc-Si directly deposited by VHF PECVD without any further thermal or laser treatment.Based on the μc-Si with a thin incubation layer,the BG-TFT with Al/SiNx/μc-Si/n+μc-Si/Al structure is fabricated.The ratio of on-state current to off-state current is up to 10.6,the mobility is around 0.7cm2/(V·s),and the threshold voltage is about 5V.

  • A High Performance InP HEMT with Saw-Toothed Source and Drain

    Zhang Haiying, Liu Xunchun, Yin Junjian, Chen Liqiang, Wang Runmei, Niu Jiebin, and Liu Ming

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1126

    Abstract PDF

    Millimeterwave transistor technology is very important for MMIC design and fabrication.An InP HEMT with sawtoothed source and drain is described.The pattern distortion due to the proximity effect of lithography is avoided.High yield InP HEMT with good DC and RF performances is obtained.The device transconductance is 1050mS/mm,threshold voltage is -1.0V,and current gain cut off frequency is 120GHz.

  • A 12bit 300MHz Current-Steering CMOS D/A Converter

    Ni Weining, Geng Xueyang,and Shi Yin

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1129

    Abstract PDF

    The proposed DAC consists of a unit current-cell matrix for 8MSBs and a binary-weighted array for 4LSBs,trading-off between the precision,speed,and size of the chip.In order to ensure the linearity of the DAC,a double Centro symmetric current matrix is designed by the Q2 random walk strategy.To achieve better dynamic performance,a latch is added in front of the current switch to change the input signal,such as its optimal crosspoint and voltage level.For a 12bit resolution,the converter reaches an update rate of 300MHz.

  • 非对称耦合双量子点中激子的动力学行为

    刘灿德, 苏希玉, 刘玉申, 张会云

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1135

    Abstract PDF


  • 深能级杂质Zn对n型硅半导体的补偿特性

    蔡志军, 巴维真, 陈朝阳, 崔志明, 丛秀云

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1140

    Abstract PDF


  • 多晶CdS/CdTe异质结界面的能带偏移

    黄代绘, 吴海霞, 李卫, 冯良桓

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1144

    Abstract PDF


  • GSMBE外延生长SGOI材料的退火行为

    刘超, 高兴国, 李建平, 曾一平, 李晋闽

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1149

    Abstract PDF

    在SIMOX SOI超薄硅衬底上外延生长了高质量SiGe合金薄膜来制备SGOI(SiGe on insulator)样品,并研究了其在1050℃氧化气氛中的高温退火行为.用Raman,DCXRD,RBS和光学显微镜等分析手段对SGOI样品在退火前后的性能进行了表征.分析结果表明:SGOI样品表面的穿透位错密度约为5e5cm-2;高温退火处理可以促进SGOI样品中异质外延生长SiGe合金薄膜的弛豫化和超薄Si夹层向SiGe合金薄膜的转化,进一步提高SiGe薄膜的晶体质量,并且有助于获得高Ge组分的SGOI材料.

  • 氧化Au/Ni/p-GaN欧姆接触形成的机理

    胡成余, 秦志新, 冯振兴, 陈志忠, 杨华, 杨志坚, 于彤军, 胡晓东, 姚淑德, 张国义

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1154

    Abstract PDF


  • 掺Si对AlGaInP/GaInP多量子阱发光性能的影响

    李述体, 范广涵, 周天明, 郑树文, 王浩, 郭志友, 孙慧卿

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1159

    Abstract PDF


  • 弱硼掺杂补偿对氢化微晶硅薄膜制备与特性的影响

    黄君凯, 杨恢东

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1164

    Abstract PDF


  • 蓝宝石衬底上单晶InN外延膜的RF-MBE生长

    肖红领, 王晓亮, 张南红, 王军喜, 刘宏新, 韩勤, 曾一平, 李晋闽

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1169

    Abstract PDF


  • 光电薄膜SnS的制备及其性能

    程树英, 黄赐昌, 陈岩清, 陈国南

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1173

    Abstract PDF


  • GaAs Microtips Grown by Selective LPE for SNOM Sensors

    Zhang Hongzhi, Hu Lizhong, Sun Xiaojuan, Wang Zhijun, Liang Xiuping

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1178

    Abstract PDF

    Selective liquid phase epitaxy(LPE) is used to fabricate GaAs microtips for scanning near-field optical microscopy(SNOM) sensors.The (001) GaAs substrates are used instead of the wafers of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser during the preliminary experiments.Scanning electron microscopy(SEM) images show that in appropriate conditions the microtips are pyramid-like and distribute uniformly on the wafers.This method not only settles the problem of aligning the microtips with light-emitting windows of VCSEL,but also has practical values in batch production and parallel scanning with several microtips.

  • 适用于高品质射频集成电感的多孔硅新型衬底制备技术

    周毅, 杨利, 张国艳, 黄如

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1182

    Abstract PDF


  • 应用于深亚微米DSOI器件的埋氧层的制备

    陶凯, 董业民, 易万兵, 王曦, 邹世昌

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1187

    Abstract PDF

    利用低剂量、低能量的SIMOX(separation by implanted oxygen)图形化技术实现了深亚微米间隔埋氧层的制备.在二氧化硅掩膜尺寸为172nm的情况下,可以得到间隔为180nm的埋氧层.通过TEM(transmission electron microscope)观察发现埋层形貌完整、界面陡峭、无硅岛及其他缺陷.该结果为DSOI(dain/source on insulator)器件向更小尺寸发展奠定了工艺基础.

  • 一种基于非平衡态格林函数的准三维FinFET模型

    邵雪, 余志平

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1191

    Abstract PDF


  • Ni(Zr)Si薄膜热稳定性及其肖特基势垒二极管的电学特性

    黄伟, 卢建政, 张利春, 高玉芝, 金海岩

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1197

    Abstract PDF


  • 退火过程中RP缺陷模型及数值模拟

    励晔, 夏建新, 安娜

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1203

    Abstract PDF


  • 光电耦合器件g-r噪声模型

    包军林, 庄奕琪, 杜磊, 吴勇, 马仲发

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1208

    Abstract PDF


  • 基于MEMS技术新型硅磁敏三极管负阻-振荡特性

    赵晓锋, 温殿忠

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1214

    Abstract PDF


  • 电阻栅结构负阻异质结双极晶体管

    郭维廉, 齐海涛, 张世林, 钟鸣, 梁惠来, 毛陆虹, 宋瑞良, 胡海洋

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1218

    Abstract PDF


  • 基于扣除法的半导体激光器高频响应仿真新方法

    张尚剑, 刘超, 伞海生, 祝宁华

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1224

    Abstract PDF


  • 表面粘连效应对接触式微开关接触电阻的影响

    黄见秋, 黄庆安

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1229

    Abstract PDF


  • 折叠内插模数转换器分析及实现

    陈诚, 毛静文, 王照钢, 任俊彦, 闵昊

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1234

    Abstract PDF

    应用Matlab/Simulink工具对折叠内插模数转换器进行了建模,研究了具有8bit分辨率、200MHz采样频率的该模数转换器的芯片设计和实现.系统设计时采用Matlab/Simulink进行行为级建模并分别分析了预放大的增益、折叠电路的带宽以及比较器的失调对动态性能的影响.设计实现的模数转换器实测结果表明,积分非线性误差和微分非线性误差分别小于0.77和0.6LSB,在采样频率为200MHz及输入信号频率为4MHz时,信号与噪声及谐波失真比为43.7dB.电路采用标准0.18μm CMOS数字工艺实现,电源电压为3.3V,功耗181mW,芯核面积0.25mm2.

  • 用低温金属电镀技术制造与封装的惯性微型电学开关

    马薇, Yitshak, Zohar, 王文

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1239

    Abstract PDF


  • 灌封胶封装对高量程MEMS加速度计动态性能的影响

    蒋玉齐, 程迎军, 张鲲, 李昕欣, 罗乐

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1245

    Abstract PDF


  • 具有片上数字控制频率调谐的9MHz有源RC滤波器

    吴恩德, 姚金科, 王志华

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1250

    Abstract PDF

    讨论了适用于无线局域网零中频收信机的4阶切比雪夫有源RC滤波器,为消除工艺偏差和环境变化对截止频率的影响,提出片上数字控制频率调谐电路.采用TSMC 0.25μm 1P5M CMOS工艺进行制造,测得调谐锁定时,滤波器的截止频率为9MHz,通带增益为0dB,增益波动小于1dB,带外抑制在30MHz处小于-40dB,通带内噪声小于-142dBm/Hz,当两输入信号的功率为-10dBm时,三阶交调小于-70dBm.

  • 在SOI基上设计实现D/A驱动的高压LDMOS开关电路

    雷宇, 方健, 张波, 李肇基

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1255

    Abstract PDF


  • IC参数成品率全局优化的映射距离最小化算法

    荆明娥, 李康, 王俊平, 郝跃

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1259

    Abstract PDF


  • 一种用于SRAM快速仿真的模型

    张锋, 周玉梅, 黄令仪

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1264

    Abstract PDF

    根据静态随机存储器(SRAM)电路及版图的设计特点,提出了一种新的可用于SRAM设计的快速仿真计算模型.该模型仿真快速准确,能克服Spice仿真软件对大容量SRAM版图后仿真速度较慢的缺点,在很大程度上缩短了设计周期.同时,它的仿真结果同Synopsys公司的Nanosim软件仿真结果相比偏差小于5%.该模型在龙芯Ⅱ号CPU的SRAM设计中得到了应用;芯片采用的是中芯国际0.18μm CMOS工艺.流片验证了该模型对于大容量的SRAM设计是准确而有效的.

  • 注氮工艺对SOI材料抗辐照性能的影响

    张恩霞, 钱聪, 张正选, 王曦, 张国强, 李宁, 郑中山, 刘忠立

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1269

    Abstract PDF


  • 芯片叠层封装的失效分析和热应力模拟

    顾靖, 王珺, 陆震, 俞宏坤, 肖斐

    Chin. J. Semicond.  2005, 26(6): 1273

    Abstract PDF



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